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Our Terms of Service

1. Acceptance

By logging in to H1Z1Lightning, you agree to all of our Terms of Service and that you are above the legal age of gambling for your country & is +18 years old.

2. Underage gambling

If any user is suspected or caught underage gambling, H1Z1Lightning has the right to lock your account & request identification in order to unlock your account.

3. The users responsibilities

H1Z1Lightning does not take responsibility for any losses on our website, if addiction occurs we advise users to contact any organization or group that helps with gambling addiction.

H1Z1Lightning reserves the right to temporarily lock users for a short amount of time from gambling in order to keep users from gambling too much.

It is the users responsibility to accept the Trade Offer for winnings in time.

4. Taxation

H1Z1Lightning takes a small taxation on everything that is gambled on our website, this taxation go from 0-9% depending on what is being gambled.

5. Winnings & Losses

If user becomes VAC/Trade banned before winning, H1Z1Lightning will not send the winnings to the users other accounts.If user fails to accept your Trade Offer for winnings within 7 days, H1Z1Lightning will take all skins in taxation.

Users may not be refunded if you lose your skin(s) on H1Z1Lightning.

6. Bots

Items in H1Z1Lightning's bots are not H1Z1Lightning's property and are our users belongings, taxation-items are not belongings to H1Z1Lightning and are belongings to GROWL & Tensey.

7. Item prices

6. Item prices Items on H1Z1Lightnig do not represent any value in real life, nor do we allow you to gamble real money on our website. You can not win real money but only virtual cosmetics inside of H1Z1.

H1Z1Lightning is made only for entertainment purposes.

8. Chat

You may not swear, disrespect or insult other users in our Chat, even if it is in a joking or sarcastic way. This may result in a ban from the Chat or even a ban from using H1Z1Lightning in its entirety.

9. Refunds

H1Z1Lightning does not refund any items once it has entered the gamemode(s), if an item does not enter a pot you can be refunded by contacting support.

If you do not contact support if your items do not appear on H1Z1Lightning within 24 hours, you may not be able to be refunded. However if you contact support within 24 hours and support responds after 24 hours, you will still be eligible for a refund.

We are not associated in any way with Valve Corporation or Daybreak Games.