How to Protect Yourself Against Computer Freezes

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Computer freezes are very irritating and when they result in loss of information, this is way too much. There are many reasons why a computer freezes and we won’t be able to deal with all of them. Rather, here are some tips about the most essential steps you can take in order to protect yourself against computer freezes.

Download a Registry Cleaner

The best option for protecting a computer against freezes is to keep your Windows registry clean. The only way to do it is by regularly scanning it with a registry cleaner. There are many great programs, so download a registry cleaner of your choice and keep your computer freeze-free.

Scan Your Computer for Adware and Spyware

Adware and spyware are also common reasons for computer freezes. In addition to messing with the registry, adware, spyware and in a lesser degree the other forms of malware use your computer’s resources lavishly and even if your computer is kind of powerful one, it still could be easily frozen by adware and spyware. Keeping your anti-adware and anti-spyware program up to date usually helps to prevent adware and spyware from entering your computer.

Remove All Suspicious Hardware

Very often computer freezes are the result of hardware conflicts. This was more of a problem with ancient Windows versions but even in Windows XP or Vista it is possible that a hardware conflict freezes a computer. So, check all your hardware (or ask somebody to do it for you) and if there is a device, which you suspect might be causing freezes, just remove it and replace it.

Check If a Particular Program Causes Freezing

In addition to hardware, software could also freeze a computer. Many applications in a beta version are not stable to be used safely and they are especially suspicious. But it is also true that many applications in their final version should also be labeled as dangerous to use. If you have such applications on your computer, don’t use them for a while and see if this solves the problem. In some cases you might even have to uninstall such applications but if this fixes the problem, it is a small price to pay.

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